Bobcat Ranch

Got into a lottery for a chance to go birding on Bobcat Ranch in Winters, CA.  Along with California Department of Fish and Wildlife, the Audubon Society is inviting people to go birding there on specific days throughout the next several months.  I put in a lottery ticket for two different Saturdays in December. 

According to their site: “The ranch is home to a variety of wildlife, including Lark Sparrow, Golden Eagle, Lewis’s Woodpecker, Oak Titmouse, Nuttall’s Woodpecker and Yellow-billed Magpie, as well as bobcat, mountain lion, black-tailed deer and black bear. The Audubon Society bought it in 2007 and it’s now an important conservation anchor within the Blue Ridge-Berryessa Natural Area (BRBNA), a 750,000 acre matrix of private and public lands. Also nearby are the 27,000- acre Blue Ridge BLM lands, the Department of Fish and Game’s Putah Creek Wildlife Area and University of California’s Stebbins Cold Canyon Reserve.” 

You can usually only get in by invitation, so… it would be awesome if I could get a Saturday date to get in there and look around.