Fungus and Vultures were the Standouts on Friday

It was my day off, but I got up around 6:30 anyway and headed over to the American River Bend Park.  I was hoping that with the rain during the week and the warm temperatures after it that there would be some interesting slime molds out in the woods.  No slime mold, but I did get to see a couple specimens of Sulphur Shelf Fungus: one in its very early stages and another in its nearly-complete stage.  I also watched a small flock of Turkey Vultures along the riverside, and a family of Acorn Woodpeckers transferring newly fallen acorns from the ground into their granary trees.  As the woodpeckers were stashing the acorns, some White Breasted Nuthatches came by and tried stealing a few of them.  Hah!

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I actually walked around for about 4 hours; I was aching from the long time on my feet, but was really surprised that I actually walked for that long.  On the way home, I stopped at Togo’s to get some sandwiches, and then crashed with the dogs for the rest of the day.  A very quiet Friday…