Just a Few Pix from the Cosumnes Preserve

Vacation Day 14.  I was going to go to the zoo today, but they’re have their special “Boo at the Zoo” things going on today and tomorrow and I didn’t want to be inundated with small kids, so I skipped that outing.  Instead, after having a light breakfast and coffee, I caught up on my journaling before showering and getting dressed.  By then it was about 11:00 am.

I headed off to the Cosumnes River Preserve again and was able to walk the boardwalk route today; ankle is feeling much much better.  They were having one of the “Ducks in Scopes” mornings, but no one had showed up, and the ducks were few, so the folks all packed up and headed out just as I arrived.  I didn’t mind.  I just wanted to walk a bit anyway.  Not a lot of birds at the preserve itself, but there were tons of geese along Desmond Road, as well as some Sandhill Cranes.  I also saw a pair of Red-Tailed Hawks and several Kestrels along the road, but they moved too fast for me to get photos of any of them.  (I either have to drive faster or get a camera that can link to my brain to my camera and automatically focus on the fast-moving birds.  Hah!) In the preserve itself, I did come across several dragonflies; last creatures of the season before winter comes in.  Pickings were so slim, though, that I only took about 200 photos instead of my standard 600-700. 

Here are a few:

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