A Few Encounters at William Land Park

After work, it was so outside that I took Sergeant Margie over the middle pond at William Land Park for a short walk. You’ll never guess what I found there… Another Belted Kingfisher; a female this time. She was flitting back and forth between the pond and the surrounding trees. I watched her dive into the water from a tree at one point and come up with a fish. Then later, on a kind of strafing run along the top of the water she struck one…two…three times onto the surface and scooped up more fish. She was sooooooo fast! I got some photos of her, but they were still a little too distant for my liking. I’d still like to get some better close-ups (but it was nice to get as close as I did).
I also watched a Green Heron fishing along the side of the pond. The ducks kept annoying him, so he ran along the edge of the pond with his top-knot raised (like he was having a super-bad-hair-day).
As the dog and I were heading over to get a better view of the heron, we came across this guy with a 12-foot albino python wrapped around his shoulders! Oh, yeah, y;know, you see that every day. NOT! Hah! I asked him if I could take his picture, and he said yes, so… I snapped off a couple of shots.

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