Fourth of July at William Land Park

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I got up early again today, even though I have the day off – like just about everyone else – and headed out before 6:00 am to the William Land Park and WPA Rock Garden.  I wasn’t looking for anything in particular; just wanted to get some walking in before it got too warm outside.

There wasn’t much of anything new to see there, but I did get to see some late season baby ducks (Mallards and Wood Ducks) which are always fun to watch.  And the WPA Rock garden still has summer flowers in it; lots of sunflowers and suchlike.  I also noticed that along the wet part of the dirt path that winds through the garden there were lots of raccoon tracks – like little handprints in the mud.

The gardeners had cut down one of the century cacti that had bloomed (the blooming stalks are about 30 feet tall) and then subsequently died, but they left the one next to it upright still because birds had drilled a cavity into the stalk and were nesting in there. Awwwww.  I was glad they left that up until the babies hatch…

At the larger pond in the park, I was chased briefly by “the mean goose”, a white Chinese Goose who doesn’t tolerate humans coming near his Grayleg Goose girlfriend, but otherwise my 2 hours was a pleasant one.