Photo Blind Dates in March 2017

I just found out that I’ve been invited to use the photography duck blind at the Colusa National Wildlife Refuge in March of next year.  And I thought, wow! That’s awesome!  So,  I told them I was interested in that and they sent me all the guidelines on how to get to and use the blind (which is a 6’X6’X6’ structure out in the wetlands).  To get to the blind, I’ll need to walk about a half mile from the parking area and then… slog through chest-high water and up the side of a levy.  They provide a little floating sled for your food and gear, and chairs to sit on when you get to the blind… Yikes! Hahahaha!  I don’t know if I’m up to that.  How much do chest waders cost anyway?  And do they make them for short chubby women?

I also have a photo blind date at the Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge in March as well.  That blind is handicapped accessible, so I shouldn’t have to slog through water to get to it.

I didn’t take the photo of the Blind #1 associated with this post. You can read more about the different blinds available here: