Tuleyome’s Big Day of Giving Page

I finished the giving portal page for Tuleyome for this year’s Big Day of Giving (BIGDOG), and it was approved by the Sacramento Regional Foundation, so the page is now “live”.  I made to sure to highlight our upcoming Certified Naturalist course, along with all of the other things Tuleyome does.

I’ll be tweaking some of the images a little bit more and maybe add a shorter video before May 4th, but for right now things are looking pretty good.

CLICK HERE to see the website.

I’ll be giving a presentation on what Tuleyome does for the BIGDOG at the Yolo County Nonprofit Leaders Alliance meeting on January 18th. (Read more HERE.)  Aaaand, I’ve been asked to mentor BIGDOG “puppies” (nonprofits who have never done a Big Day of Giving before) starting in February.  Busy, busy, busy!

And by the way, Happy New Year!