Met Three Raptors on Thursday

I facilitated a lecture at the Davis library on the 20th, with a representative from West Coast Falconry.

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The talk was led by a young woman named Amber, who brought three birds. Amber had somehow gotten the time frame mixed up, and arrived at the library at 4:30 pm… the lecture didn’t start until 6:30 pm. So when I got to the library, the bird boxes were already set up on a table in the front of the room, and one of them was squawking. I learned later that it was a young, hormonal, male Great Horned Owl named Tigger. Just a little over one-year-old he was still making baby “feed me” calls, expecting Amber to give him treats. Hah!

His calls were pretty loud, and other people in the library kept stopping by the room to see “what is making that sound?”

Despite the minor snafu at the beginning, the lecture itself was excellent. Amber talked about falconry as well as providing attendees with detailed information on the birds she’d brought with her: Cubby, a male Peregrine Falcon; Cora, a dark-morph female Red-Tailed Hawk; and, of course, Tigger, the Great Horned Owl.