Mostly Frogs and Mule Deer

After I worked a bit from home, I headed over to the Effie Yeaw Nature Preserve for a walk.  Most of the photos I got were of mule deer, bullfrogs and their tadpoles, and some blue Pondhawk dragonflies.

I was fascinated by the tadpoles – some of which were just starting to get their legs.  The bullfrog tadpoles are so huge, they dwarf the regular tree frog tadpoles. They’re like Jupiter in their tiny solar system…

I also got to see a male Mourning Dove cooing to a female. (Those doves can have up to three broods in a year.)  And I followed a female Black-Tailed mule deer from the woods down to the riverside… I’m not positive, but I think she might have just given birth to a fawn that morning or yesterday evening.  Her tail and hind legs looks like they were matted with “stuff”…

The weather was nice all the while I was out there, and I actually walked for about 4 ½ hours – which is really beyond my limit, so my feet were really hurting by the time I got back into the car.

CLICK HERE for the album of photos and video snippets.

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Mary K. Hanson is an author, nature photographer and Certified California Naturalist living with terminal cancer.