R.I.P., Tiniest of Dudes, 03-01-18

So sad…

When I got home today I went to check on Mama Hummer and her nest, only to find the nest drenched and akilter on its branch, only one egg inside, and mama nowhere to be found.

Sadder still was when I checked around for the second egg. It had smashed on the ground, exposing the tiny embryonic bird inside. It only had another week to go before it properly hatched. RIP, Tiniest of Dudes.

I left the other egg in the nest in the off chance that mama might still return for it. The nest just got thrashed by the wind…

I know this happens all the time in nature, but still… These were “my” hummingbird babies. Gonna cry all night.

Other photos can be seen here.

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