CalNat Class Week 5, 03-08-19

Our fifth class in the course this session was on plants as was the Species Identification module.

Our guest speaker was Dr. Chad Roberts a conservation ecologist, Senior Ecologist, ESA, Professional Wetlands Scientist, SWS, and co-founder and scientific advisor for Tuleyome. He spoke about fire in California natural ecosystems.  We were also pleased to see Tuleyome’s founder, Bob Schneider, sitting in on the class today.

Students were provided with Cyanotype fabric to create their own plant sun-prints and were also provided with information on how to create their own plant-presses.

CLICK HERE for the album of photos.



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Mary K. Hanson is a breast cancer survivor who, at age 61, took coursework to become a Certified California Naturalist. The author of “The Chubby Woman’s Walkabout”™ blog, Ms. Hanson has also written nature-based feature articles published in regional newspapers, authored over ten books, including her "Cool Stuff Along the American" series of guide books, and has had her photographs featured in books, articles, calendars, on the American River Parkway Foundation’s Instagram stream, and even the White House blog. This year Ms. Hanson is helping to launch and teach a new Certified California Naturalist course through Tuleyome, in partnership with the University of California and the Woodland Library, so members of the public can themselves become certified as naturalists in the state. All of the photos seen on her website were taken by Ms. Hanson herself (unless noted otherwise) with moderate- to low-end photographic equipment more easily affordable to the everyday nature enthusiast. She also occasionally leads photo-walks through the American River Bend Park for the public and is sometimes available for public speaking.

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