Summer 2019, CalNat Class #10, Graduation, 08-09-19

We had 10 more Certified California Naturalists graduate today! Congratulations to everyone.

CLICK HERE for the album of photos.

Today, the students’ capstones were presented in the following order. And while the presentations were taking place, Alison was doing “captures” of all of them.

•Alison, Interpretive Signage for the Woodland Regional Park
•Mica, Recharging Groundwater (and Enticing Beavers!) in the Cache Creek Watershed with the Capay Valley Regeneration Project
•Edna, Advocacy: Protecting the Bridgewater Island Pond
•Tracy,Conaway Ranch Field Trip Enrichment Materials
•Jeanette, 6-Week Learning Module for 6th-8th Graders Focusing on California Species & Water
•Allan, Interactive Map of the Plants in the Berryessa Snow Mountain National Monument
•Holly, Re-Oaking the Valley with Napa County’s Resource Conservation District (RCD)
•Ken, Training Module for the Woodland Regional Park Docent Training Booklet
•Kelli & Katie, Sacramento Heron & Egret Rescue Advocacy Video

Sarah Angulo, the Community Education Specialist for the Certified California Naturalist program at the University of California, came to the class to watch the capstones and pass out the certificates. She said, “In a wholly unbiased opinion, I can tell you that Tuleyome’s students have the BEST capstones.” Yay! #CalNat