My Article on the Tuleyome 2020 Naturalist Class was Published

It was nice to see my article on Tuleyome’s 2020 Certified California Naturalist class (#Calnat) appear in two Lake County newspapers this week: The Lake County News and the Lake County Record-Bee.

As part of the coursework, all students participate in a final exam that is set up like a trivia game. Students are put in teams of five, and they answer questions related to the curriculum and species identification modules to win prize packages. I volunteer the time do all of the donations requests for that myself and so far, I’ve been able to build prize packages worth over $500 (retail value) for the 2020 students. Go me!

In-kind donations, so far, have been provided by the National Science Teachers Association, American Birding Association, Inc., Firefly Books, Mary K. Hanson, Grandpa Gus, McDonald and Woodward Publishing Company, MyCarryWell, Nasco, New World Library, Princeton University Press, Raley’s, TickCheck, University Press of Colorado, Watkins Publishing, Workman Publishing Company/ Algonquin, Rite in the Rain, Sounds True, Adventure Publications, Mountaineers Books, Ultimate Survival Technologies, Axol and Friends, Shore Buddies, Cate & Levi, Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers/Hachette Book Group and others.

If you would like to donate directly to the program, email me at and I’ll tell you how.