About Mare

Hi! I’m Mary K. Hanson and I’m a woman, nature photographer, artist and author who is living with terminal cancer.  You read more about that here.

At age 61, I took coursework to become a Certified California Naturalist. Although I’m currently retired, I am now using my naturalist training to further my nature-based writing, painting and photography skills. I also assist the University of California with their statewide CalNat program. If you’re able to participate in one of their naturalists courses, I highly recommend it.

Despite my cancer diagnosis, I still volunteer to lead nature walks throughout the region in low-impact walking spots for the public, and am sometimes available for lectures (mostly on being a naturalist or identifying plant galls).

The author of “The Chubby Woman’s Walkabout”™ blog, I’ve also written nature-based feature articles published in regional newspapers (which you can read HERE), authored several books, including my “Cool Stuff Along the American” series of guide books, and have had my photographs featured in books, magazines, articles, calendars, and even the White House blog.

All of the photos in and on this site were taken by me (unless otherwise noted) with moderate- to low-end photographic equipment more easily affordable to the everyday nature enthusiast.

You can contact me by email at thechubbywoman@gmail.com.

CLICK HERE if you’d like to help fund my writing projects and naturalist travels.

Thank you to all of the folks who have visited this website!

Travels of a Certified California Naturalist

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