Living with Terminal Cancer

If you’ve read the short bios on my Facebook page or my blog, you already know this information, but I’ll share it with those of you who may not know yet. On Thanksgiving Day 2018, I was rushed to the hospital with severe pain in my abdomen.

It turned out I had two forms of endometrial cancer; one somewhat sluggish and passive and the other one super-aggressive. The aggressive one had formed a tumor the size of a grapefruit (which I called “Wilson” after the soccer ball in the movie “Castaway” with Tom Hanks) in my abdomen which is what was causing the pain I was feeling. You can see a video of the CAT scan that was done HERE.

Wilson was removed in mid-December 2018, but not before he took the opportunity to rupture and spew cancer cells throughout my abdomen (which I now call “The Sons of Wilson”). There’s no way to tell where the cells will attach themselves to next, and the prognosis is not a good one.

Bottom line, I may have until late 2023 left to live.

Rather than spending that time having chemo treatments which would make me miserable and not guarantee me any more time, I’ve decided to forego treatment and spend my final years doing what I love: nature walks, photography, and sharing my naturalist knowledge with others.

So, there you have it in a nutshell. Hugs are always welcome; sad faces are not.

Most recently, in 2020, I’ve developed a crushing pain in my left hip, and have difficulty getting comfortable at night for sleeping, driving, walking and even getting dressed. I’m now using a cane to get around. I set up a GO FUND ME fundraiser to help me get new bed and adjustable base to help baby the hip when I sleep, and folks were generous enough that I had the money I needed for the bed and mattress in about a week! I’m so grateful for that.

And, if you’re so inclined, and want to donate funds to help me out with medical bills and health insurance expenses you can also send donations through my PayPal account at:

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