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What You See When You Actually Get Outside

I know that some folks have trouble getting outside and walking around, but you miss all sorts of stuff when you confine yourself to the indoors.   Walk from the car to the office and look around…  walk down the street and get a better look at that mural you noticed when you drove by it the other day… walk around your backyard and see what Nature is up to…  There are plenty of opportunities for photo-taking everywhere.  Just get outside!  Here are a few things I saw just yesterday…


The Case of Fly v. Worm

After work, it was warm but breezy outside, so I took Sergeant Margie over to the WPA Rock Garden for a walk.  I got a few photos, but was totally fascinated by a huge hornworm that was munching on one of the plants there.  For some reason, a fly was harassing the worm, buzzing around it and poking it, until the worm just got aggravated and tried body-slamming it and biting it to get it to go away.   I’d never seen anything like that.  I was able to get a short video of part of their interaction, along with some still shots of the worm.

CLICK HERE to see the video.

And here are some still shots:

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Katydid Nymph

I let the dogs out into the backyard, and found this gorgeous little katydid nymph on the ivy along the fence.  (Yep, I carry my camera all the time.)  I’m always amazed with how much detail Mother Nature puts into these tiniest of things.  From the forms to the colors… they’re little masterpieces.