Drum Powerhouse Road

Drum Powerhouse Road runs through the foothills between Alta and Dutch Flat in Placer County. The road sometimes follows the route of the Bear River and allows views of forested areas, seeps, and serpentine rock areas.

• Easy to Locate? Yes
• Pet Friendly? Sort of. You can keep your pet in your car, or keep them on a leash when out of the car, unless noted otherwise.
• Easy to Walk? Sort of. This is a driving tour, so you’ll spend most of your time in the car, except when you leave your vehicle to examine things on the roadside.
• Is there a Fee? No.
• Are there Restrooms? No. (Except if you stop at the rest stops.)
• Is there Accessible Parking? No. You’ll have to look for pullouts along the road. Do not bloc traffic.
• Other Notes: What you find will vary depending on the season, the amount of rainfall, and other factors.

See my FLICKR account for more albums of photos taken at this location.

Along the road you will come to a makeshift shooting range. If there are shooters, stay in your vehicle to stay safe. The area is littered with loads of discarded ammo, trash and destroyed rocks. It’s really sad to see how this area has been grossly abused by the humans who visit it.

How to Get There

  • From Sacramento
  • Take Highway 80 East toward Reno
  • Take Exit 146 toward Alta Bonnynook Rd in Placer County
  • Alta Bonnynook will become Ridge Road, then Man Street, and then Drum Powerhouse Road
    • The road ends at the Drum Powerhouse along the Bear River. You can, of course, turn around at any point before that to head out again.

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