Mix Canyon Road Wildflower Tour

This is a self-guided wildflower tour that is best taken in mid-April each year in the height of the spring wildflower season. The road is easy to locate but is narrow and winding, so drive carefully.

Ulatis Creek runs along the road and is clearly visible from some spots. You’ll get up to about 2000 feet in elevation, so you may feel a sharp change in temperature as you climb. Look for a variety of wildflowers, shrubs and ferns including but not limited to: Graceful Bedstraw, Bird’s Foot Cliffbrake, Blueblossom, Blue Dicks, Elderberry, Blue Witch Nighshade, Bush Monkeyflower, California Lomatium, Maidenhair fern, Stonecrop, Chinese Houses, Spurge, Giant Deathcamas, Giraffe’s Head Henbit, Diogenes’ Lantern, Hairy Vetch, Hillside Woodland Star, Hummingbird Sage, Indian Warrior, Ithuriel’s Spear, Johnny Jump-Up, several species of Lupine, Miner’s lettuce, Modesty, Mountain Phacelia, Pacific Pea, Spice Brush, Pineappleweed, Snakelilies and many many others.

NOTE: It is a DEAD END ROAD, so the drive will be an up-and-back

  • Easy to Locate? Yes
  • Pet Friendly? Yes. Keep your pet in your car.
  • Easy to Walk? This is really a driving tour; not much walking is required
  • Is there a Fee? No.
  • Are there Restrooms? No.
  • Is there Accessible Parking? Not really. This is a driving tour and there aren’t a lot of places to park.
  • Other Notes: This is a driving tour up a narrow winding road. Drive carefully, there are a lot of blind curves. For being out in the foothills without any businesses around, the amount of traffic on this road surprised us. If you want to stop to take photos or get out of your vehicle, make sure you pull completely off the road. Do not trespass onto private property and do not block private roads or driveways.

See my FLICKR account for more albums of photos taken throughout the last several years.

How to Get to the Road

  • From Sacramento
    • Take Highway 80 West toward the city of Davis
    • Use the right 2 lanes to take Exit 70 to merge onto CA-113 N toward Woodland
    • Take Exit 29 for Covell Blvd/Road 31
    • Take County Road 31 to CA-128 W in Winters
      • Drive through the city of Winters to Pleasants Valley Road
    • Turn LEFT onto Pleasants Valley Road
      • Stay on Pleasants Valley Road for about 7 miles
      • Mix Canyon Road will come upon your right.
    • Turn RIGHT onto Mix Canyon Road and drive up into the foothills until the paved road ends and the gravel road begins. There’s a large turn-around there that will allow you to turn back safely.

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