Join My FREE Natualist Group

Since Tuleyome closed its naturalists group on Facebook, I’ve created one of my own the Nature A-List (“naturalist”) group, and you’re invited. It’s FREE!

We invite you ask questions and share stories, photos, and information pertaining to certified and amateur naturalists throughout California. This is a closed group (which means you have to apply to join it). But feel free to invite anyone who you think might be interested!

Here are the types of posts we like to see:

  • Photos you’ve taken of species throughout California
  • Easy-to-get-to places to view wildlife and plants in the region
  • Opportunities for citizen science
  • Opportunities for naturalists to volunteer
  • Books, videos and other resources of interest to naturalists
  • Existing or upcoming coursework, seminars and lectures of interest to naturalists

Please note that we reserve the right to delete any off-topic posts, posts that are designed to solicit donations or advertise fundraisers, political posts, and posts which are in any way offensive or objectionable to this group’s administrators. If you have any questions, let us know.

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Travels of a Certified California Naturalist