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A Few Birds on a Brief Visit, 01-24-19

Around 9:00 am I headed over to the Effie Yeaw Nature Preserve to meet with their volunteer coordinator, Rachel. They needed someone to help out at the preserve. I’d gotten my Certified California Naturalist certificate through Effie Yeaw, so I thought that by volunteering there, I’d have the opportunity to give them back a little something.

I got to the preserve a little bit before my appointment time, so I walked around for a while and took some photos.

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Turkey Vultures, Wild Turkeys, Deer and More 01-06-18

It had rained during the night and was overcast when I headed out to the Effie Yeaw Preserve for my walk. (Had to stop and put gas in the car first.)

It was 49º when I got to the river, and the clouds broke up over the following few hours. I came across the usual suspects at the preserve: mule deer, turkey vultures, woodpeckers, wild turkeys…

CLICK HERE for the full album of photos and video.

There were no super-exciting standouts, but I did get quite a few photos. And for some reason, my camera gagged on two of the batteries I put into it. I’d take a photo, and the whole camera would freeze up; nothing worked. So, I popped out the battery, and put in a new one. Same thing. Took a photo, everything froze. I was beginning to worry that the camera was having real issues… but the third battery I put in seemed to do the trick. Maybe the other two had been recharged so many times they just could hole a charge for more than a few seconds anymore. I don’t know… but I’ll keep an eye on that.

One neat find on my walk was a “pellet” coughed up by a hawk. I’m assuming it was a hawk and not an owl because it was smaller than most owl pellets I’ve seen, and only had one tiny bone in it. Most of the pellet was undigested fur, but there were also parts of the armored exoskeleton of a Jerusalem Cricket. Very cool.

I walked for about 3 hours and then headed back home.

Zoo Day #2!

Day Thirteen of my Vacation.  I got up around 7:30 this morning and had a leisurely breakfast before heading out to Folsom for Zoo Day #2.  I’m a “friend of the zoo” so I got free passes to this one, too.  The low today was 43° and the high was 72°, so it made for a nice day.

I got to the Folsom Zoo just as they opened, and walked around the grounds for about 2 hours.  It’s a tiny zoo, but they have some animals the other local zoos don’t, like black bears, cougars, wolves, foxes and raccoons…  The peacocks were dominating the place today, calling and showing off to the gals… There was one that fanned his tail right in the middle of the pathway, and blocked the whole thing so the humans couldn’t get past him until he was done.  I got to see a lot of the domestic animals today that I hadn’t before, like their pigs, goats, and donkeys… and their zebu.

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This is a zoo in which the animals are “rescues” of one kind or another.  Some were illegal pets that grew too big, some were raised for television shows but rejected for one reason or another, and some were injured or orphans found in the wild that “imprinted” on humans and cannot be returned to the wild…  The zoo also houses some dogs and feral cats.  The space is small, but rather lovely – especially this time of year when all the surrounding trees are green and all the flowers along the maze of paths are in bloom.  There is also a space where you can host family get-togethers or parties after hours…

Around noon I went to the little café just outside the zoo fence, “Fisher’s Beastro”, named after a black bear that was once in residence at the zoo.  I had a burger, chips, and soda… and the burger came with raw spinach instead of lettuce; that was nice!  I then did a quick walk around the park next door to the zoo before heading home.  The park is quite lovely with lots of covered picnic tables and shady area, and nice-looking things for kids to play on.