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Nice Surprises on My Walk on Friday

Crow feeding geese. © Copyright 2016, Mary K. Hanson. All rights reserved.
Crow feeding geese. © Copyright 2016, Mary K. Hanson. All rights reserved.

On my way home, I stopped at William Land Park just intending to walk around the pond there and relax.  I cut through the WPA Rock Garden to get to the pond, and saw a handsome male Nuttall’s Woodpecker on a tree.  He was lifting the bark with this beak and fishing bugs out with his tongue.  I got some still shots of him and a little video.

Then I saw several crows near some folks who were feeding bread to the geese.  As I watched, I was surprised to see one of the crows pick up a huge mouth full of bread and rather than flying off with it, he walked it over to the pond and dropped it into the water in front of a goose… like he was feeding the geese.  So neat!

Along the rest of my walk around the pond, I also saw a Golden-Crown Sparrow, some kind of tiny Vireo, some hybrid Swedish Blue ducks, a Cayuga Duck, Canada Geese, some Red Squirrels, some Fox Squirrels, several American Crows, a Northern Flicker, a Belted Kingfisher flying overhead, a Scrub Jay, and a hummingbird. When I was watching the squirrels, a little bird flew down on the ground in front of me, and I was surprised to see it was fat little Ruby-Crowned Kinglet!  He hopped around through the leaf litter for a while, and I was able to get some photos of him.

In the pond, I saw a juvenile Double-Crested Cormorant and a Green Heron fishing.  So it was – happily — a more productive walk than I had planned.

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Lots of Squirrels and other Critters at the WPA Rock Garden & William Land Park

The dog had been so good all day that after I left the office and finished my bank run, I treated him to a walk around the WPA Rock Garden and middle pond at William Land Park. He loves going there, and can somehow tell as soon as I pull up to the place what it is. He starts whining and yipping excitedly; can’t wait to get out of the car and walk. He’s so funny.

The “warm” weather is confusing the plants and lots of the magnolias, tulip trees and fruit trees are already starting to bloom in the garden. There were some flowers in bloom, too… but I think I counted all of three bees while I was there. The pollinators aren’t awake yet, yet the stuff is flowering… Climate change screws up the whole system. There were a lot of squirrels around the pond today and lots of turtles stacked up on top of one another trying to warm up in the cloud-covered sunlight; and for some reason the geese were going crazy there – honking furiously at one another for minutes at a time. Still, I got quite a few photos before heading back to the car and going home for the day.


After Work on Tuesday

After work, I stopped off again at William Land Park for a short walk.  Didn’t get as many pictures this time, but the walk itself was very nice.  I did get some shots of some squirrels, the geese, the Turkey Vultures, and two kind of “surprising” shots.  I was standing below a sycamore tree and could see birds high in the branches overhead, but couldn’t tell what they were, so I took some virtually blind photos.  When I got home and processed them, I realized one was of a White-Breasted Nuthatch right near its nesting hole, and the other one was of a Scrub Jay with a peanut in its mouth.  Hah!