Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge

Easy to Locate?


Easy to Walk?


Adequate Parking?

Restroom Facilities?




$6 Day Use



The Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge (SNWR) is part of a huge complex of protected wildlife areas which includes the Delevan Wildlife Refuge, the Colusa Wildlife Refuge, and the Sutter Wildlife Refuge, and by itself comprises over 10-thousand acres of  permanent ponds and seasonal marshlands.  It’s an annual stop-off point for a wide variety of waterfowl during the migratory seasons.  The SNWR is open from one hour before dawn to one hour before dusk.  You pay a small fee to enter ($6 for a day pass, $12 for a year’s pass) at a kiosk by the front gate (that takes credit cards or cash).  Parking is adequate and there are accessible restrooms on the outside of the visitor’s center (so you can get to them even when the center is closed).  Dogs are allowed (on a 6-foot leash).

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The refuge includes several miles of walking trails and a self-guided driving tour that takes you around 6 miles of the marshes and pools.  The driving tour is kind of boring in the summer months because most of the marshes are dry then, but the walking tours are nice all year round.  Paths are well-marked and well-maintained.  For the best bird-viewing opportunities, visit between October and February.  As you’re walking or driving through the complex, please obey the signs that mark “Closed” areas.

How to Get to the Wildlife Refuge

The Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge is located at 752 County Road 99W, Willows, CA 95988.

To get to the refuge:

  • Take I5 at the city of Williams, California north to the exit at Road 68.
  • Take Road 68 to Highway 99 West and turn LEFT onto Highway 99 West
  • Stay on Highway 99 West for about 1-1/2 miles.
    • You’ll see the signs on the right side of the road.
  • Turn RIGHT into the entrance and pay at the kiosk.
    • Past the kiosk is the parking lot, and access to the driving tour road.

For 24-hour Information call: (530) 934-7774

Thank you to Google for the map images.
Thank you to Google for the map images.

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